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Arthavidhya is a Bangalore-based company founded by a group of Chartered Accountants and Engineers with over 100 years of combined corporate houses experience. it is a venture of ePalmleaf ITES Private Limited. This company is a vocational training partner with NSDC under BFSI /NASSCOM sector skills council and is known as a skill-development engine.

ArthaVidhya Website

This article is aimed at providing various information regarding Arthavidhya student login, ArthaVidhya Student registration, ArthaVidhya BAP course demo, Benefits of Arthavidhya BAP courses, and other related information.

Introduction – Arthavidhya student login portal

Arthvidhya is a skill development venture that is aimed at providing industry-relevant practical skills in business accounting and finance. the course prepares commerce students to upskill themselves so that they can confidently seek out suitable professional prospects. The BAP (Business Accounting Process) course from ArthaVidhya provides rigorous process-based training to help them understand corporate processes in the shared services, finance and accounting, and banking.

Arthavidhya Student login
ArthaVidhya Student Login

Steps for Student Login ArthaVidhya

  • Go and visit the official website of ArthaVidhya by Clicking Here.
  • On the homepage, Click on the Student login /registration option.
  • You will be redirected to the student login page.
  • Select the login option.
  • Enter your Username or Email ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter the Captcha code in the Captcha code box.
  • Click on the submit button for completing login process.

This company also provides a student registration and login portal where students can enroll in their courses and get various information regarding BAP courses ArthaVidhya. If you want to about ArthaVidhya Student login, here are the steps that you can follow to login ArthaVidhya student portal.

Steps for Student ArthaVidhya Registration

If you are a new student of ArthaVidhya and looking for a new registration process, here are the steps for ArthaVidhya Student Registration.

ArthaVidhya Student Registration
  • Go and visit the official website.
  • On the homepage, Click on the student login/registration option.
  • A new page of student login portal will be opened.
  • Select the registration option.
  • Enter the following details: First name, Last name, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile number, Address, Email ID and other required details.
  • Select your Degree course .
  • Enter the institution code.
  • Enter the Captcha code in the Captcha code box.
  • Click on the submit button for completing your registration process.

How to recover/reset forgot password ArthaVidhya Student Login

If you have forgot the ArthaVidhya Student login password, here are the steps for recover the ArthaVidhya Student login forgot password.

  • Go and visit the official website of ArthaVidhya.
  • On the homepage, Click on the student login/registration option.
  • You will be redirected to student login page.
  • Click on the forgot you password tab.
  • A new page will be opened on your screen.
  • Enter your registered Email ID.
  • Enter the Captcha code in the captcha code box.
  • Click on the submit button and you will received a reset password link on your registered email. Reset your password and login to ArthaVidhya Student login portal.

ArthaVidhya BAP ( Business Accounting Process ) Course Demo

ArthaVidya offers the BAP (Business Accounting Process) course that enables students to understand and practice all accounting processes used by enterprises in India. This course provides hands-on experience to the students with all process steps as well as a grasp of the paperwork necessary for completing different and complex corporate transactions. with the help of this course, the students will learn how to apply all the accounting concepts according to the need of a corporate enterprise.

ArthaVidhya BAP Course

Courses Offered by ArthaVidhya in BAP

  1. BAP- Accounts Payable & Receivable
  2. BAP- Statutory Compliance
  3. BAP- Smart Executive (Crash Course)
  4. BAP- Fundamentals of GST

Steps for ArthaVidhya BAP Demo

To view the ArthaVidhya Demo BAP course, Follow the below steps.

ArthaVidhya BAP Demo
  • Go and visit the official website of ArthaVidhya.
  • On the homepage, Click on the Course Demo option.
  • You will be redirected to the ArthaVidhya Demo page.
  • Enter your Email ID, Name and Mobile number.
  • Select your Gender.
  • After entering all the information, Click on the Submit button.
  • After successfully submission , a new page of course demo will open .
  • Here you can see several demo videos of course. Select the video you want to watch.

Benefits of ArthaVidhya BAP courses

  • Development of skills and confidennce to face any interview.
  • Updated and relevant curriculam that is made by industry experts.
  • Complete knowlege of performing 24 + accounting process and over 90 + transactions.
  • Opportunity of internship experience equivalent to 6 months.
  • Complete knowledge about the roles of many people involved in the process execution.
  • Certificate of completion.

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1. How many Accounting processes are defined in ArthaVidhya Course?

This course includes around 32 to 64 processes depending on the course you choose.

2. Is this course different from Tally?

This course is different from Tally as in this course the student will learn step by step process required for working in finance and accounting in an organization.

3. Do I require any software or application to be installed for this course?

No, You don’t need to install any software as this course is completely an online course. The only thing that is required Windows 7 and above + Google chrome browser with an internet connection.

4. How do I start the Arthvidhya course?

First of all, get a subscription.
Complete the skill gap test.
then, you will be guided to form the virtual company.
you will get a customized virtual company to work with by ArthaVidhya.

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