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Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren has imposed a strict lockdown in the entire state from 16 May 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic situation. The government has also ordered strict rules so that situation can be controlled soon. The administration allowed only those individuals who are in emergency for this they generate the online pass Jharkhand. Here we provide step-by-step instructions to generate e-Pass. Readers can apply online, update their profile, check their status, and download e-Pass, a citizen of Jharkhand traveling can generate an e-pass online and fill the application form.

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Jharkhand epass login: How to apply online

During lockdown in the state, the Jharkhand government allowed individuals related to the medical sector, essential goods, essential services, and delivery of essential goods for this they allowed to generate online e-Pass.

Here step by step process to generate e-Pass


  • Step 1:– Open the official website https://epassjharkhand.nic.in.
  • Step 2:- Click on the Registration option.
  • Step 3:- Enter the mobile number and press submit button.
  • Step 4:– Enter the mobile number again for confirmation and click on submit.
  • Step 5:– Create a password.
  • Step 6:– Confirm the password by entering the same password you have created and click on submit button.

Login and User’s Profile

  • Step 1:– Then you have to log in using your mobile number and password.
  • Step 2:- Dashboard open where you have to enter your personal detail and Document information.
  • Step 3:- Now click on Personal detail.
  • Step 4:- Here enter your name, date of birth, father’s name, gender, and complete address.
  • Step 5:- Select your ID type from the given list include
    1. voter card
    2. driving license,
    3. PAN card, passport,
    4. Aadhaar card
  • Then enter your ID number.

epass Jharkhand.nic.in login: e-Pass detail

  • Step 1:- Then click on the option apply for e-Pass and select the district.
  • Step 2:- Select the type of e-Pass from the option.
    1. Going outside Jharkhand.
    2. Outside the district but within Jharkhand.
    3. Within the district boundary.
    4. Coming inside Jharkhand.
  • Select the e-Pass category from the drop-down menu.
    • Owner/Employee of the petrol pump.
    • Owner/Employee of selling fruits, vegetables, milk, sweet shop, and eatables.
    • The person engaged in construction work.
    • A person engaged in Industry word.
    • A person engaged in mining.
    • Government employee.
    • Marriage.
    • Air/Rail travel.
    • Owner/Employees of the vehicle repair shop.
    • Owner/Employee of agriculture goods shop.
    • Electricity, water supplies, telecom services.
    • Buyers of Permitted goods.
  • Step 3:- Enter a current address in a new tap.
  • Step 4:- Enter the name of Visiting state.
  • Step 5:- Select the name of the District.
  • Step 6:- Enter the “visiting address” of the state.
  • Step 7:- Now select the “e-Pass category”.
  • Step 8:- Enter “type of Journey” either one way or return.
  • Step 9:- “Request schedule on” here you have to enter the date of journey.
  • Step 10:- “Request schedule up to” here you have to enter the date of return.
  • Step 11:- Now you have to enter the detail of the vehicle used for the journey.
  • Step 12:- Select type of vehicle either two-wheeler or 4 wheeler.
  • Step 13:- Now enter the number of people include in the journey
    • For a two-wheeled vehicle, a maximum number of people is 1.
    • For a four-wheeled vehicle, the maximum number of people is 3.
  • Step 14:- Then you have to enter vehicle registration number.

Declaration for e-Pass generation.

After completing all the details of e-Pass generation you have the declare that all the information is correct and tick all the check box and then click on agree and proceed. Here we provide detail of the declaration given.

  • All the information is correct.
  • I am not COVID positive.
  • I will wear a mask properly.
  • I will maintain social distancing.
  • I am traveling for a permitted purpose,s not for prohibited purposes.
  • I will abide by all the laws of the State/Union government.
  • I have read do hereby accept the terms and conditions regarding COVID-19.

After clicking on Agree & Proceed your certificate for e-Pass generated successfully. To download e-Pass click on “download e-Pass”.

e-Pass Jharkhand.nic.in : How to download e-Pass

After completing the e-Pass generating process you can check the status and download it. Step by step process to download e-Pass of Jharkhand.

  1. First, log in to the official website by entering your mobile number and password.
  2. You can directly open the website”.
  3. Click on view pass from dashboard open after login.
  4. Your e-Pass detail will come up with the registration number.
  5. Pass detail includes the type of Journey, Status, remark, and approval and disapproval of pass.
  6. If approved you can download it from the option “Download e-Pass” from the left corner.
  7. Your e-Pass is downloaded in pdf format you can open it and take out the printout.

E-Pass Jharkhand: Instruction must follow

While filling application for Jharkhand e-Pass you have to accept the given declaration. Some important declarations are given below.

  • You have to enter all the information correctly in the application form.
  • Applicant should be COVID negative and don’t have COVID symptoms.
  • Applicants must wear masks and maintain social distancing.
  • Applicant abides by all rules of laws of the state and Union government.
  • Criminal proceedings on those who travel without e-Pass or visiting prohibited places.

Lockdown Guidelines of Jharkhand

  • All bus service is suspended from 16 May 2021 till 27 May 2021 and may be extended.
  • Only emergency cases are allowed to go outside Jharkhand and must have a corona negative report.
  • In Marriage, during the lockdown, only 11 people are allowed and must follow COVID guidelines.
  • Essential and compulsory goods shops open till 2 PM only.
  • No person roam outside their house after 3 PM.
  • Police can take a major step to control the crowd in the market.
  • Any citizen who comes from outside in Jharkhand has to stay quarantined for 7 days.

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