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Good Samaritan Scheme is a great initiative of the Indian government under which the person who takes the injured person to the hospital will get the cash prize of Rs. 2000. It would be very helpful to the injured person as he will be treated on time. Check this article for Mukhyamantri Good Samaritan Yojana (MMGSY) 2021-online registration and how to Application form PDF Download.

Apart from this, we will discuss Good Samaritan Law India eligibility, Good Samaritan Act India Payment/Amount Status, Benefits, Features, Beneficiary list, how to check Online Application Status at the official website http// and other related details.

Good Samaritan Act India
Good Samaritan Act India

What is Good Samaritan Scheme?

India has been the unlucky victim of a huge number of fatal traffic accidents. Three out of every four persons in the country are unwilling to assist injured road accident victims for fear of police harassment hospital confinement and lengthy legal formalities. Even if Someone wants to assist, those obstacles prevent them from doing so.

The Good Samaritan Law India empowers a person to voluntarily come forward to provide immediate aid or emergency care to a person hurt in an accident, wreck or emergency medical condition without expecting remuneration or reward and without any obligation of care or special relationship. You can download Good Samaritan Law India PDF to know more details. The Uttar Pradesh government also launched various schemes for the student of the state such as UP Free laptop Yojana.

UP Cheif Minister Good Samaritan Yojana Online Registration Process

According to Mukhyamantri Good Samaritan Yojana Online registration process, Any citizen who gives support to any person injured in an accident will be entitled to a received cash prize of Rs.2000/- by the state government. Here is the procedure to apply online for Mukhyamantri Good Samaritan Yojana Application Form 2021:

  • Visit the official website of Mukhyamantri Good Samaritan Yojana by clicking here.
  • Click on “Apply Online” option.
  • After clicking, the application form will appear on your screen.
  • Fill up the form with correct details and upload all the required documents.
  • Click on the submit button to complete Good Samaritan Yojana Online Registration process.

The eligible applicants who want to apply to this scheme should carefully read all instructions and follow the above-mentioned steps to fill Good Samaritan Scheme 2021 Application form.

Required Documents for Good Samaritan Yojana

  • Aadhaar Card of the Applicant
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Mobile number
  • Basic address proof

About -UP Good Samaritan act India

The Uttar Pradesh government is developing a new policy to implement the Good Samaritan Scheme across the state in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents. Only those citizens will be eligible for the Rs.2000/- in financial aid granted under this scheme. Those who have been injured in a rail or road accident since the department has only included these two types of accidents in this scheme. Also, if a person is harmed in an accident, they should not be eligible for compensation under this scheme.

UP Good Samaritan Scheme
UP Good Samaritan Scheme

The major goal of the Uttar Pradesh Good Samaritan Yojana is to provide medical treatment to someone who has been in a car accident during critical hours (i.e. the first hour after the accident) in order to preserve his life. An incentive of Rs. 2000 would be granted under this scheme to assist injured people involved in road and rail accidents in Uttar Pradesh. The State government has set up Rs 50 Lakh to ensure that the UP Good Samaritan Scheme is implemented successfully.

Eligibility Criteria for Good Samaritan Law the gazette of India

  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • This scheme is applicable only for road and rail accidents.
  • This scheme has only been implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh. If a road accident occurs within the UP, the applicant will be eligible for this scheme.

Objectives of Good Samaritan Yojana

  • The main aim of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanathji’s initiative is to foster the spirit of humanity and generosity.
  • This scheme is aimed at decreasing the death rate in the state due to traffic accidents.
  • With the help of this initiative, the death of accidental persons will be avoided, and the number of people dead in traffic accidents in Uttar Pradesh will be minimized.

Key Features of UP Good Samaritan Scheme

  • The State Transport Department introduced the UP Good Samaritan Yojana during a meeting of the State Road Safety Council (SRSC) in February 2018.
  • This Scheme will be available to the person who assisted in the accident.
  • Only those who assist those injured in road and rail accidents are eligible for the UP Cheif Minister Good Samaritan Scheme 2021, which offers an Rs.2000 reward to those who help them. No other accidents are included in this scheme.
  • Because this scheme was created specifically to assist the people of Uttar Pradesh, the beneficiary will only be eligible for benefits it the accident occurred within the state’s borders.


What is Good Samaritan Policy?

The Good Samaritan Law empowers a person to voluntarily come forward to provide immediate aid or emergency care to a person hurt in an accident, wreck or emergency medical condition without expecting remuneration or reward and without any obligation of care or special relationship.

What are the rights of a person who help accident victims?

The guidelines establish the rights of Good Samaritans, including that they are treated with respect and without discrimination on the basis of religion, nationality, caste, or sex.

Is the Good Samaritan law real?

The Good Samaritan Act is federal legislation that protects anyone who helps an injured person in an emergency.

Who is an accident victim?

Road traffic accident victims include anyone who has been hurt or died as a result of a traffic accident (Including Passengers).

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