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NPTEL Swayam portal is for the students who want to attend online live classes of various courses for free. Swayam NPTEL login portal is a web portal that provides active learning for young and Aspiring students. This online portal provides education for the students on the basis of digitalization. This nptel login registration portal has to fill the gap between study and the students through an online platform.

In this article, we are going to provide you with various information related to the NPTEL Swayam portal. Let us tell you about nptel login online course registration 2021 with Gmail, certificate download, candidate exam registration, etc.

NPTEL online courses registration 2021

The online portal of NPTEL conducts various programs and courses for interested students for free. This portal also provides video suitable content for the teaching-learning involvement program. Candidates who wish to enroll under various courses provided by NPTEL need to register themselves through this portal. If you want to know how to complete the registration process read the steps which are mentioned below.

  • Go to the official website of Swayam NPTEL login.
  • Click on the sign-in and registration option.
  • Click on the sign up button
Swayam registration
  • . A registration form will appear on a screen.
  • Fill your required details on the registration form.
  • Create your username and login password.
  • Confirm your login password.
  • Enter your registered email ID.
  • Select send verification code option on the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the OTP received on your registered email.
  • Click on the create button to create your NPTEL student profile.

How to log in through https // login

If you want to avail yourself of all the course-related services provided by the NPTEL Swayam portal then you need to log in through this portal by entering the login credentials that you create while completing the registration process. Follow the process to log in through this portal.

  • Visit the official website of nptel candidate login.
  • Click on the sign-in and registration option.
nptel online courses registration
  • You can sign in with your Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account.
  • Or you can enter your username in the following box.
  • Enter your login password.
  • Click on the sign-in button.

NPTEL Swayam login registration details

NPTEL Swayam portal is an online platform that provides various online free courses for Aspiring students. This portal is officially launched by the government of India to provide various Education courses to the students who cannot afford to pay fees for attending the courses. Swayam portal is a national program on technology-enhanced learning that has to offer more than 2000 plus free online courses. Students can enroll under this portal and avail various facilities provided by the NPTEL login portal.

The courses provided by NPTEL are free of cost. It also provides a certificate for further use. There are various courses provided by the NPTEL portal like engineering thermodynamics data structure algorithm programming fundamental of health research constitutional studies etc.

If you are a student of msbte then you can also check your details by completing the MSBTE Student Login process. You can also download certificates through nptel swayam portal local chapter login,  exam registration 2021, results august 2021 for your relevant courses when you complete your course by NPTEL.

Objective of NPTEL Swayam portal

  1. This portal helps to provide online effective courses for Aspiring students.
  2. It also provides studies related to courses content and video online.
  3. This portal provides all the facilities that are required for a student for pursuing different courses from different Universities and institution.
  4. This portal also offers the appropriate colleges for the candidate on the basis of their choices.
  5. This portal is one of a kind online website that provides courses related to various technical programs for the smart mind of the country.
  6. After completing the courses you can also attend an online test and download your certificate based on your qualification.

Swayam portal registration and courses fee structure

There are no registration fees that you need to pay while completing the registration for various courses through this portal staff the courses provided by NPTEL is free of cost so that applicant doesn’t have to pay peace for the various institutions. They can avail education and various courses online by this NPTEL Swayam portal. You don’t have to pay any registration fees for availing services through this portal.

If you complete your courses then you must need to apply for a certificate online issued by the government educational bodies. In order to apply for the certificate, you need to pay a certain amount of fee.

How to check the courses list of the Swayam portal

If you want to check the courses list provided by the Swayam portal then you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of the Swayam portal.
  • Click on the all-courses option.
  • The list of courses appears on the screen.
  • Select the courses that you need to avail yourself.
  • Enroll in the program and complete the application process.

Swayam mobile application download

If you wish to enroll under various courses provided by the Swayam NPTEL portal then you can download the mobile application on your Android smartphone. If you want to know how to download this application on your smartphone then read the states which are mentioned below.

  • Open your Google Play Store on a smartphone.
  • If you have an iOS device done open your Apple app store.
  • Click on the search option.
  • Search for Swayam mobile app.
  • Select the mobile app from the list.
  • Click on the install button to install the Swayam app on your mobile.

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