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TN Emis is a scheme that was launched by the Tamil Nadu government. Below you will find out the important details regarding TN Emis login. Basically, it is a platform provided and launched by the Tamil Nadu government to provide multiple login options for its users. Tamil Nadu EMIS stands for Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System. This scheme provides a login portal for students, schools, and teachers of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu government has also made emis tn schools app, which can be downloaded from the play store. By clicking the link provided here you can directly download the login application for TN Emis. Here is the information for emis tn schools, tn e registration, emis login.

How TN EMIS login works:-

EMIS Education Management information system is a centralized network of the database with all the relevant information about every student, school, teacher, staff member across the state of Tamil Nadu. Similarly, you can also get information about CUIMS login 2021. To get access to this user has to have the code which is a unique number provided for the login which is different for each and every school and user.

  • In this app, the user can look at the student attendance and the user also can change or edit the login details.
  • In EMIS every school has to do the registration and registration details which are id and password is given to the headmaster of the school.
  • Other details are also uploaded on this portal like time table according to which student’s classes are being conducted.

How to register tn emis school login:

  • The very first user must log in to the official website of the TN EMIS login by simply going to its official site ->
  • Enter login details and passwords.
  • For login details, the user can contact the concerned authority of the school for the details.
  • Users can also contact the management team for further assistance.

TN EMIS- Entering school profile

To enter the school profile in TN EMIS user need to enter some details after completion of which user EMIS school profile is created. Details which the user has to enter are-

  • School name
  • Location details of the school
  • U-DISE Code which means Unified DistrictInformation System for Education
  • Details of school management category
  • School affiliation details which basically means from which university or organization school is affiliated
  • Communication details like phone number, email id, website
  • Establishment details which include school started date

TN EMIS portal – Student Information Updation

For updating the student’s profile/EMIS number user need to enter some of the following details like

  • Name of the student
  • Age of the student
  • Gender of the student
  • Height of the student
  • The blood group of the student
  • Parent’s name of student
  • Address details of the student
  • Transfer details
  • Academic details of the student

TN EMIS login portal- Teaching Staff Information Updation

For updating the teaching staff information details user need to enter some of the following details which are

  • Name of the staff member
  • Age of the staff member
  • Gender of the staff member
  • Date of birth of the staff member
  • Caste of the staff member
  • Parents details of the staff member
  • Joining details of the staff member
  • Academic qualification of the staff member
  • Communication details of the staff member
  • Aadhar number details of the staff member

TN EMIS portal: Non-Teaching Staff Updation

For updating the Non-Teaching Staff members details the user need to enter some of the following details like

  • Name of the member
  • Age of the member
  • Gender of the member
  • Date of birth of the member
  • Caste of the member
  • Parent’s details of the member
  • Aadhar number of the member
  • Joining details of the member
  • Address details of the member
  • Communication details of the member like phone number, email id, etc.

TN EMIS login portal features:-

TN EMIS Student portal features

  • In the student portal student can signup and login
  • In this portal textbook are present for students from where students can download their desired book
  • The student also read books online to this portal without downloading them
  • Sample question paper is also present in this portal for students
  • A vast variety of study material is present for the students
  • The student also see fee-related information in this portal

TN EMIS School Teachers portal features

  • In this portal teacher can upload study material and books of different courses for students
  • This portal is for specially teachers only
  • Teachers can mmodify and upload syllabus here
  • Here techers can also update and see students attandance

How to reset forgot TS EMIS login password

  • Open TN EMIS login portal
  • Enter a username and click on the forget password
  • Enter only the registered username which the user previously generated at the time of signing up to the portal
  • The required details for resetting the password is sent to the user’s email
  • Follow the instruction and the user can gain access to its id again
  • User can directly visit TN EMIS official site for resetting password or also reset their password by clicking on the given link

Online Services provided by TN EMIS school

  • Online textbooks for students and the teacher
  • This platform also provides online verification of mark sheet
  • Online admission request in various fields and courses etc

Some of the important FAQs regarding TN EMIS login

What is EMIS ?

EMIS stands for Education Information Management System. It is a statewide data collection system or you can say that it is a centralized database system that keeps all the information and detail of every student like student’s name, age, date of birth, gender, address, student’s academic details, etc.

What is TN EMIS number ?

TN EMIS number is a unique eight-digit number provided to all the schools. Users can get the EMIS number with the designated authority of the school like the headmaster of the school, principal.

What is TN EMIS login app ?

TN EMIS login application is designed and launched by the Tamil Nadu government for its school network. In this app teachers and students can signup and login to their TN EMIS id and also create and modify their account.

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